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    NEW RELEASE - Distressed Reversible Overalls

    Overall's have been a long time favourite wardrobe item for my little ones and I'd been meaning to add some to the range for such a long time but children came along and stole all my free time.

    Now that Tillie is a little older, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things in the office and these Distressed reversible overalls had to be the first of the new item's to be released!

    Reversible Distressed Overalls range

    These overalls are completely reversible, hand distressed, made in a high-quality cotton/lycra fabric and are hand made in Sydney, Australia. 

    We hope you love this new addition as much as we do and we know you won't be disappointed with the quality and versatility of these overalls!

    Happy shopping!

    Danni - LL

    Ledger's Dinosaur Party

    Recently my not-so-little man Ledger turned 3 and he decided he wanted to celebrate this momentous occasion, with a dinosaur party! Of course, we let him decide who he wanted to invite which turned out to be a huge mistake because apparently 3 year old's change best friends more than 15 year old girls, and each day he wanted someone else to be invited and it all got very confusing! 

    We usually just go with one present that we know he will love, so this year we decided to buy him this inflatable Splash N' Slide Water Park Swimming Pool which was on sale at Kmart for $100!

    Ledger's blow up pool

    For his party, we stuck with Ledger's theme by creating a few simple and cheap items that made his day and were easy to create. I didn't get dozens of perfect pictures of the event because we pretty much spent the entire day playing with the kids and chatting with parents, which in my opinion is much more fun. However, I have a couple of photo's of a few things below as well as a FREE DOWNLOAD of the party invite I created which you are welcome to download and use for yourself.

    I created the invite using InDesign however, I've saved it in a blank JPEG format for you to download and use yourself if you would like. I would just drop it into a word or pages doc and put some text boxes over the top with your information, or print them as they are and hand write the details you need on there. We got ours printed through VistaPrint, you can upload the file straight to their website and they will send them to you within a few days.

     Free Dinosaur Party Invite download

    You can download this DINOSAUR PARTY INVITE HERE. These are for personal, non-commercial use only and as such, fall under the Copyright Act 1968.

    We created these take home gifts by using tiny mason jars and glueing dinosaurs to the top. I thought that the last thing parents want to take home after a party if a bag full of junk food and noisy toys, so this only had a few lollies in it and a jar the little ones could keep (Ledger now uses his for marbles).

    Dinosaur Party Bags

    We also cut dinosaur footprints out of cardboard and stuck them in spots down the driveway. We set up a sandpit with dinosaurs buried under the sand for a dinosaur dig. I also created some custom t-shirts that we had printed through VistaPrint for Ledgie and his cousins which of course I didn't take any photo's of Ledger in until his was completely destroyed by cake but here is the original image so you can get an idea, and of course we matched this tee with a pair of Ledgers Legs distressed shorts in black, he told people a dinosaur clawed his legs!


    I had big plans for a dinosaur shaped cake creation, my mum always made me an amazing cake every year for my birthday, unfortunately, the cake making skills seem to have skipped a generation. Luckily, good old Betty Crocker came to the rescue with her Devil's Food cake mix, I just used 2 packets, some extra ganache and some dinosaur shaped candles and Ledger loved it... can you tell?

     Ledger eat's cake

    For us, the most important thing about birthday parties is just to make sure he has fun with his friends and family, I tried not to take on too much so that I could spend the day running around with him and chatting to the other parents, that didn't exactly go to plan but I was so lucky that my beautiful sister and friends were there to help put food out, make extra snacks and do everything else that needed to be done. I hope this gave you a couple of little ideas for your next party, and thanks for reading the first ever LL Blog!

    Danni xx