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    Ledgers Legs™ is an Australian brand owned and operated by a family on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

    Danni created the first pair of Ledgers Legs in 2013 when she noticed a hole in the local market for quality baby clothing, so instead of shopping for clothing, she started shopping for fabric. Using her son Ledger as her inspiration, she dusted off the sewing machine, set it up on the dining table and started to work on a pattern.

    Combining a love of unique prints and designs with what was starting to become a well tested pattern seemed to be a winning ticket and Danni found herself receiving comments from friends, family and passers by on the street about where Ledger's leggings were from and if they could order a pair. With a little push from her supportive partner, Danni decided to set up an Instagram page and see who else was interested, and what better name for the page than the image that was to be repeatedly featured... Ledger's legs!

    Since then the leggings patterns have been thoroughly tested and upgraded over and over again to ensure that durability and fit were perfected. New favourites were born such as the Distressed Legs and Drop Spots Legs, and new people were introduced to what could no longer be called a small business.

    Ledgers Legs are now worn by thousands of little legs all over Australia and worldwide, and every single pair is still made with the same amount of care and love as that very first pair (that took 2 hours to make). We are forever grateful for your support and we hope you enjoy these little legs as much as we do!

    The Ledgers Legs Team